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Herefordshire Cycle Repairs: mobile and workshop cycle repairs for herefordshire

Your Bike, your Choice

Located near Hereford we fix bicycles.  Simple.  It’s a mobile bicycle maintenance and repair service, collecting your bike (usually within 24 hrs)  and returning it to you fully working.  Some repairs we might even be able to do it at your premises.

What makes us different is our partnership with you (and your bike).  We will only ever do work after discussing everything with you.  This includes the specification of the parts we fit to meet your riding needs.

What’s more. collection is free in Hereford & Ledbury and all villages between and between £5 and £8 across the remainder of Herefordshire.

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Love your bike

If you want an ultra light red and black chain, and it’s safe, we’ll do our best to source and fit it.  Likewise, if the last time you cleaned your bike was during the first lockdown, you’ll probably need something that’s low maintenance and durable.  Whether cost, durability, weight or performance are your priority, we will advise you and fit exactly what you need, whatever type, brand or cost.  It’s your choice.

A little about our services

Routine Servicing

Simple in design but cleverly complex bicycles need love and care.  Planned, routine servicing helps ensure that you travel in safety and reduces more expensive wear later.

What’s more, customers tell me that they enjoy riding their bike more after we’ve worked on it.

Custom repairs

Sometimes unplanned maintenance is a fact of life. Whether it’s a puncture, a new tyre, noisy (or non functioning) gears, or ineffective brakes or something else, we can fix in a way that meets your needs; we’re cost effective, too.

Valet and cleaning

A dirty bike is a slow and potentially dangerous bike.  Not only are your pedalling efforts far harder, but, more importantly, the dirt and grease might be covering up something more serious.

A thorough clean, valet and polish will restore you bike to the best possible condition whilst we simultaneously check for wear.

Corporate services

If you have a number of staff that cycle, why not book us for a day or two to sort out you team’s cycling needs.

Give us a call to discuss a your requirements, well also agree an appropriate daily rate.

Bike build

Just bought a bike on line and not confident building it up and making all the necessary adjustments?

We’d love to build it up for you, just check out our price list – you’ll be pleasnatly surprised.

Featured upgrade


Although we speak about chain “stretch” the metal doesn’t actually stretch.  What happens is that the chain gets longer because the bushings on each pin wears, an with up to 114 links, this soon adds up.

Chains are easy to measure and relatively cheap to replace. Left too long a worn chain will wear other more expensive components, so it’s worth having it checked regularly.

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