Cycle Repair Services

How, when and where you use your bike should determine how often it’s serviced and what’s fitted to it, not what the shop has in stock.

Working with you we guide and discuss your and your bike’s needs.

It’s a simple concept; shouldn’t every repairer  do it?

Routine Servicing

General Repairs

For Companies

Keeping you bike in good working order doesn’t just make your riding easier, more importantly it contributes to safety.

Let us look after your bike.  We promise to love it.

Potholes, road grime, water, mad and grit take their toil; so does wear and tear.  Punctures happen. 

We are delighted to undertake repairs.  Frequently we can sort out simple issues on your drive, or, if necessary, transport it back to our workshop.  It’s all part of the service

The bicycle is a wonderful part of a sustainable transport policy. We are happy to work with local businesses to offer maintenance days for your bikes and your staff.

Talk to us to agree a day rate.

Routine service

Fully bike clean.
Safety inspection
Frame & fork inspection
Check all fittings & attachments
Check and adjust gears
Measure chain for wear
Lubricate chain to your requirements
Lubricate bearings as required
Basic wheel trueing
Tyre pressure check
Complete handover documentation

Urgent repairs need doing urgently – you need to be back on the road, but at the same time, you shouldn’t settle on a “quick fix” that isn’t right.

Whatever your bike’s problem, we’ll discuss the solution with you, giving you choice and free advice.  Then we fit what is right for you and your riding.

We’ve lots of fixed pricing on the price list, just don’t settle for “that’ll do” .

Options include

Routine servicing
General repairs
Safety checks
Puncture repairs
Tyre replacement
Bike valet
Simple maintenance training
and lots more


See price list

Agreed day rate